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Now unblock your favorite speed easily with Hiload web proxy easily, we provide free web proxy that can help you to bypass web restrictions..

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Opening any illegal site is strictly prohibited by our proxy.
Access YouTube videos and other blocked sites with full speed using fast loading high speed proxy server that will help you to bypass all censorship filters without telling anyone, if you are in school or college and there are restrictions on browsing several sites like Facebook & YouTube but you have to use that sites for your legal needs then you can use this proxy freely without any cost, our free proxy is designed to provide you fast browsing experience which make you feel that you are browsing from your home network with complete freedom.

Hiload Proxy

We have high speed hi-load web proxy server that is capable of holding thousands of connection in a single second so there is no worry about low speed or slowness of proxy as our proxy run faster than any other proxy, we have managed well-manged system to meet you needs, our proxy is also not limited to use limited CPU power as it can reduce your speed so we try our best to provide you maximum for our high load proxy.

How to use Hiload Proxy server?

Hiload is web based proxy server and using web proxy servers are very easy but if you still do not have any knowledge about using web proxy we are here to help you, just follow the path we told below:

Procedure for unblocking: In our site you will find a URL box where you have to enter blocked site, just find it, it will definitely above from this method, after you have finded box, enter their URL of site you want to access like "youtube.com" and click on Go button present there or just press Enter key to move, now wait for few second to make a site connection with you through server, after very few seconds site will be in front of you, enjoy it freely and simply.
One thing about web proxies is that they are slow, the reason behind that is there is latency speed issue but speed in not too slow its only a difference of few mili seconds which our proxy reduce up to possible extent, so enjoy what you want here.

Why our Hiload Proxy is special?

There are tons of proxy servers and many new come daily in market but we are unique because of features that doesn't offer by anyone like pop ad-free browsing, as almost all famous proxies have popup ads, which annoy your browsing experience, also we have many more features like Hiding IP, Anonymizing yourself online, unblocking, bypass, DNS filter bypass, fast speed, completely free, etc

What we Aim to do?

Our Proxy is Aimed to provide complete freedom on internet that you can browse all sites which government ban due to office politics without any special reason like censorship of YouTube & Facebook in china which is big hurdle in social networking of people, so enjoy your life with freedom on internet by using our proxy but remember that Freedom on internet doesn't mean freedom to break rules as freedom's speech doesn't mean freedom of criticism, same like here we are not allowing you to open any illegal site that brakes country laws, like accessing adult sites in Pakistan, Saudia, Iran, Afghanistan, UAE,..etc and unblocking pirate sites bays which are against the laws of US, UK and Canada, so take breathe in freedom not in illegal activities.
On internet nearly all the traffic is being tracked by ISP, Government and by many SPY Agencies that can help them in keeping eye on users personal details and its social behavior but by using our proxy you become anonymous online, your all traffic is routed through medium server which act as refer and so no one know that how is browsing and what he is browsing weather it is ISP or web owners, we do this by hiding your IP address, you can also change your browser to complete anonymize your browsing, it is specially most important when you have to use secure information online as hackers and trackers can trap you easily, moreover our proxy is not just limited to anonymizing it also helps you to unblock blocked sites and download big data securely, our high speed hi loading web proxy server is idle for every type of legal use, so use this free hiload proxy for legal purpose only.

YouTube Proxy

We know in several countries YouTube is blocked but unblocking it with our hiload proxy is not difficult its just as simple as one, two, three. YouTube is banned by government of several countries like Iran, China & Pakistan, our proxy helps you to watch videos in HD quality without buffering speed issue and with natural player by using this proxy you can also unblock Facebook. You can also use our Free Proxy Server to unblock blocked sites fastly.

What our Proxy offers?

Through our hiload youtube web proxy you can open blocked sites in pk (Pakistan) and can watch all movies weather they are on Tube sites or on Dailymotion, through our web proxy you can download all movies & songs for free, also on mobiles like Andriod devices as our proxy is super dp unblocker proxy which open with superdex 200. Our powerful proxy is powered by Proxy1122. It is one of best and fastest proxy service.
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